Les visites sont aussi offertes en Français.

Oushkabé invites you to visit its installations! The tasting room adjacent to the production area is the ideal place to taste the distillery’s products and meet the people that make them possible.

You can buy the distillery’s products on site, both spirits and cocktail ingredients, as well as certain exclusives at the tasting room. We accept all payment methods credit and debit cards only.

You can also combine a visit to the tasting room with a guided tour of the production area.

Guided tour and tasting: 12$ per person

Offered with the purchase of one of our cocktail ingredients.

Online booking here or call us at 514-360-3206

How to get there?

Oushkabé’s tasting room is a convivial space, located at 2280 rue de Cannes-Brûlées in Montreal, borough of LaSalle. It is accessible:

  • 🚗 By car, via highway 20, exit Angrignon: turn right on rue Cordner, then left on Léger. Rue de Cannes-Brûlées is a dead end which is accessed by rue Léger, between rue Cordner and boulevard Newman.
  • 🚲 By bike, via the Lachine Canal bike path: take the footbridge opposite Senkus Street and follow the bike path to Cordner Street. Turn right on Cordner, then left on Léger. Ride up to rue de Cannes-Brûlées. The entire route, except Léger and Cannes-Brûlées streets, is on a bike path.
  • 🚌 By STM public transport, from Angrignon metro station: take bus 106 West, 195 West or 109 North and get off at the intersection of rue Léger, then walk towards rue de Cannes-Brûlées.

Production area guide tour

During the visit of the production area, you will be told about all the design and development stages of our products. You will be able to see how “the magic happens” and better understand the artisanal distillation process of Oushkabé.

Note: we cannot visit the production area when the still is in operation. Make an appointment indicating that you would like to take a guided tour so that we can inform you if the still is in operation during this time slot.

Opening hours

  • Lundi: On appointment, 24h in advance
  • Mardi: On appointment, 24h in advance
  • Mercredi: On appointment, 24h in advance
  • Jeudi: On appointment, 24h in advance
  • Vendredi: On appointment, 24h in advance
  • Samedi: On appointment, 24h in advance
  • Dimanche: On appointment, 24h in advance

Take an appointment

Make an appointment to book a visit and, optionally, to indicate that you wish to take a guided tour of the production area and thus ensure that it will be accessible to the public at that time.

Appointments must be made one day in advance.

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